Going to America for Year Furlough

We are only a few weeks away from returning to the States for our year furlough. We will land in Hot Springs, Arkansas on April 13. Right now we are busy in many areas: Allen is handing off his responsibilities to various leaders, Sandi is packing up our house, the girls are finishing up their school work and we have 8 plus “despedidas” (going away parties) to attend. Our Peruvian friends & mission team are sure making us feel loved!

Good Moment for Furlough

In the past two years, God has blessed the Cristo Rey Church. New members have joined the church, new leaders are being trained, new ministries have been formed, and we have a new location. Sunday worship now averages 92 each week. If the church continues to grow at our present rate, in just a few years, the church should become completely sustainable in both its funding & national leadership. It is a great relief to know that we are leaving Cristo Rey at such a good moment with such capable leaders!

Falling Behind on Supporters

One of my responsabilities as a missionary is to keep my supporters up-to-date on our financial state. After receiving our last month’s financial report, I discovered that we are at an all time financial low. Several churches are unable to continue supporting us this year, and on top of that, we have extra travel & moving expenses that come with going on furlough, placing our finances even further behind. It is good that we are going on furlough to raise more money.

You Can Help!

However, in the mean time, we need your help. We have already raised $5K in the last few weeks by simply making a few phone calls. If we could raise another $10K in the next month, would should be fine. Would you consider giving a one-time donation to help cover our financial downfall? Even if you can only give $25, it will help! Here are the two ways you can make a financial contribution:
  • You can send a check to the following address, with a memo note saying “Smith Family Support”:
Christian Missionary Society
P.O. Box 14563
Greenville, SC, 29610-4563

Prayer Points

  • Formation of Peruvian Church Planting Team. Our hope is that through the Apprenticeship Program, God would form a church planting team. Please join us in prayer that this year God would confirm a Peruvian church planter and his church planting team.
  • Leadership Transition. Right now Allen is turning over all his responsibilities to other  leaders. With change always comes tension and opportunity for conflict. Please pray that God would make these transitions smooth and promote greater national leadership.
  • Children Education. Upon arriving back to the States, please pray that our girls will be able to test into their appropriate grade for their age. They will take their entrance exam in late April. They are also nervous about fitting in & making new friends at their new school. Pray that God will provide great friends for each of them.
  • Financial Support. We are very thankful for your ongoing financial support. However we just found out that we are at an all time financial low. Several churches cannot continue to support us, and we have extra travel & moving costs in returning to the States. Please pray that we will be able to raise an addition $10K in the next several weeks.

Thank you for your prayers & support!

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One-Year Furlough Annoucement

Welcome to 2014! 

As many of you experience record low temperatures, we are enjoying sunny summer days in Peru. With the start to a new year, we’ve put together a photo review of the last few months in 2013. So click on the video above to see a three minute slideshow.

Our biggest news is that this April 2014 we will be traveling back to the States for our one-year furlough. My dad is graciously letting us live next door to him in his rent house in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Not only are our girls super excited about living next door to Dadeo (their granddad), but they are also looking forward to living in front of Lake Hamilton. I can’t wait to teach my girls how to water ski and go camping in the Ozark Mountains.

We plan on visiting each of our 30 supporting churches as well as seeing our 30 supporting individuals. If any of you travel close to Hot Springs this year, please let us know. We will be only one hour from Little Rock, AR.

Prayer Notes

  • Please pray that we would finish our second term well. Allen is stepping back from many ministries he has been leading. Pray that the Peruvian leadership will step up and do an even better job at Iglesia Cristo Rey, the missional cell groups, and the Apprenticeship Program.
  • Also pray for our girls as they get ready for their entrance exam for Lakeside School in Hot Springs. Several months ago, we pulled our girls out of their Peruvian private school to focus on studying in English. Although they were doing well studying in Spanish, they needed to catch-up in order to get into their appropriate grades in the U.S.

Support the Smiths

Life as a missionary is constant fund raising.  God always provide for our needs, but it is my responsibility to let you know our need. We are presently behind budget $18,000. One of the reasons why we need to come back to the States, is to raise money. 

If you would like to ease my burden of traveling from coast to coast to raise funds, you can can help! Here are two ways you can give:

  • You can give online by going here:
  • You can send a check to the following address, with a memo note saying “Smith Family Support”:

Christian Missionary Society
P.O. Box 14563
Greenville, SC, 29610-4563

Thank you for your many prayers & ongoing support!

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