Smith Family Video Update: January 2013

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Greetings from Peru!

We hope that you are off to a good start to this new year.

We have just uploaded our most recent video update. We invite you to see what God is doing in our ministry and family here in Trujillo, Peru.

Feel free to share it with your friends. We are exciting to see what God is going to do this year!

Here are some ways you might pray for us:

  • that we would be consistent in our personal and family devotions.
  • that we would be intentional with non-Christian friendship so that we might see many of them be converted this year.
  • that we would be better encouragers in our family and among our mission team.
  • that God would bless Allen’s leadership at Cristo Rey Church and with the new church planting  apprentices.

Some fun ways to keep up with us this year (other than this blog):

Twitter:  @SandiLSmith   @allensmith76

Instagram:  @sandismith @allensmith

Give us an old fashion phone call : 901-399-0463 (Home)

Grace and peace,

Allen, Sandi, Abigail, Adeline, Mary Allen & Eva

Leadership Development Director for Peru Mission

A New Blog Look

OK, we’ve switched from blogger to wordpress in search of a new look. This has been on my “furlough to do list”, so I’ve procrastinated long enough. My suspicion is that most people will read this post via facebook, twitter, or some RSS feeder. So does it really matter what our blog looks like anymore?

I would love to know if you read this post on our new blog site or through facebook or through some other subscription. What do you think?

Smith Family March Update

We have been in the River City for three weeks now. The folks at IPC have been incredible! Not only have they provided us a home for the year, but they have befriended us, fed us, given Allen an office, and loved on us in many other ways. Sandi has made many new friends through their woman’s ministry.

The girls are enjoying public school. Adeline is excited about her field trip to the Zoo, where they’ll have a class sleep over. Sounds crazy to me, just as long as they don’t sleep with the lions. Abigail is doing very well in school and Mary Allen is taking three-year old ballet.

Allen has been traveling almost every weekend since we’ve been back. It has been wonderful catching up with our friends at our supporting churches. Here is the line up for the next few months:

  • March 27: Faith Presbyterian Church, Brookhaven MS
  • March 26-28: Trinity Presbyterian Church, Jackson MS
  • March 30: Faith Presbyterian Church, Clinton LA
  • March 31: South Baton Rouge Presbyterian Church
  • April 6-8: Twin Lakes Fellowship, Jackson MS
  • April 7: Lakeland Presbyterian Church, Flowood MS
  • April 8-10: Embers to a Flame Conference, Memphis TN
  • April 17-18: First Presbyterian Church, Jasper AL
  • May 11: Grace Presbytery Stated Meeting

One of our goals while in the States is to visit every supporter during our year visit. Allen plans on contacting every supporting church within the next month. Feel free to contact him first (see info below).

If God leads you to pray for us, here are some requests:

  • Pray for the new City Church Plant in Trujillo, that God would use this community to serve and bless the city. They launch on Easter resurrection morning
  • Pray for Sandi as she enters her second trimester of pregnancy. She had a green first trimester but feels much better now.
  • Pray that we will be safe on all our travels and our time spent with our families would be rich.
  • Pray that God would raise 20% of needed support to go back to Peru ($1,500/month).

Thank you again for your prayers and support!

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City Church Plant in Trujillo Peru