Easter Island: One of Our Best Vacations Ever


With 4 years of saved up airline miles, the income of lots of photography jobs, and some awesome friends to babysit our 4 daughters, we were off to discover the world’s most remote inhabited island.

Our first day on Easter Island we rented a little jeep, bought a guide book, and were off! Once out of the Hanga Roa village, we were completely alone on the island 90% of the time. We kept asking ourselves, “Where are all the people?” We explored everyday, all day until the sun set at 9:10 pm – allowing us to squeeze as much of the island into one day as possible.

There are certain trips you take that you build so much in your mind that once you arrive, you’re like, “Ah, this is not that big a deal.” Easter Island was not like that at all – it definitely did not disappoint! We went to see the Moai stone statutes, but we discovered that there was so much more: beauty of untouched landscape, three volcanoes, 3,000 wild horses running loose, white sandy beaches, intimidating cliffs, surfing and diving, and beautiful polynesian people speaking their native Rapa Nui language. Since the island is 2,200 miles from civilization, it forced us to unplug from all internet, social media, and TV. It felt like what a vacation should feel like.

Easter Island is one of the those places where it was hard to take a bad picture. Here are some of our favorite pictures from our trip.


The volcanic quarry at sunrise: the birthplace of the Moai.


Overlooking one of the volcanic craters.


Can you see the Moai statues through the imported palm trees?



Running wild and free!




Exploring the caves where many Rapa Nui lives in the 1960s




One of our best vacations ever!

Stay tuned for some reflections about what we experienced on this mysterious island.

Celebrating Peru’s Independence


The month of July is a fun one for us.  We not only celebrate the independence of our home country, but Peru also celebrates it’s independence on July 28th.  It’s a pretty big deal and girls have lots of school activities and get 2-3 weeks of vacation.  Here are few fun pictures of our youngest two girls representing the Andes mountain region at a “taste of Peru”.

FiestasPatriasEvaMaryAllen-7   FiestasPatriasEvaMaryAllenJardin-13




FiestasPatriasEvaMaryAllenJardin-3  FiestasPatriasEvaMaryAllen-5



Celebrating : one of the fun ways we live in community!


As I mentioned in an earlier blog post,  last year I excepted my friend Carolina’s (pictured above) request that I be the photographer for her event planning business.  It has been such a fun blessing to have this creative outlet of working beside such a talented person. Since she plans mostly children’s birthday parties, it is a very fun job!  Earlier this week, her youngest daughter turned one! Carolina threw an incredible party with an “ice cream shop” theme.

Celebrating is one of the fun ways we get to live “in community” with others.




Daniella1Fiesta-20   Daniella1Fiesta-83

We are so very thankful for this family, they have been such great friends to our whole family!



Excited about a new year!


Last weekend our “Cristo Rey” church held a conference of training and getting everyone excited about relaunching our missional cell groups around the city.  We would appreciate your prayers for the Golf cell group (in our home) and the other groups around Trujillo that we would start with strong core groups that would unit to reach our neighborhoods for Christ.  And that these missional groups would multiple to start more missional cell groups by the end of the year.  And, most importantly, that these groups would be a means to bring more lost people into a Christian community and to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Smith Family Video Update: January 2013

To view the best quality, change the bottom right-hand dial settings to 720p HD

Greetings from Peru!

We hope that you are off to a good start to this new year.

We have just uploaded our most recent video update. We invite you to see what God is doing in our ministry and family here in Trujillo, Peru.

Feel free to share it with your friends. We are exciting to see what God is going to do this year!

Here are some ways you might pray for us:

  • that we would be consistent in our personal and family devotions.
  • that we would be intentional with non-Christian friendship so that we might see many of them be converted this year.
  • that we would be better encouragers in our family and among our mission team.
  • that God would bless Allen’s leadership at Cristo Rey Church and with the new church planting  apprentices.

Some fun ways to keep up with us this year (other than this blog):

Twitter:  @SandiLSmith   @allensmith76

Instagram:  @sandismith @allensmith

Give us an old fashion phone call : 901-399-0463 (Home)

Grace and peace,

Allen, Sandi, Abigail, Adeline, Mary Allen & Eva

Leadership Development Director for Peru Mission

Twin Lakes Camp Peru!!


Twin Lakes Camp “way down south” has been a huge success once again this year!  This is our 5th time to do a kids Summer camp in Peru and it has been a joy.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the first day, but in another post I will go into a little history of how the camp was birth and how the Lord has used it, no time this morning, I don’t want to be late for the last day of camp!










CampPics-3  CampGroupPics-10

Feliz Navidad from the Peruvian desert!


To all our friends, family, and supporting churches. . . .

It has been one of our best years in Peru yet and we want to thank you for being a part of that.  We know that so many of you pray for us daily and give sacrificially so that we can live here, build friendships and share Jesus Christ with those we live among.