Twin Lakes Camp Peru!!


Twin Lakes Camp “way down south” has been a huge success once again this year!  This is our 5th time to do a kids Summer camp in Peru and it has been a joy.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the first day, but in another post I will go into a little history of how the camp was birth and how the Lord has used it, no time this morning, I don’t want to be late for the last day of camp!










CampPics-3  CampGroupPics-10

Belhaven University serves our music community inTrujillo

Besides leadership training and missional community formation, Allen has helped with music development. A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege of hosting two music  professors from Belhaven University, Dr. Chris Shelt and Dr. Andrew Sauerwein.  They were invited to come down and teach classes at the music conservatory in Trujillo, had music competitions and concerts and also had several opportunities to share the Gospel through their christian testimony among a community of non-believers and many atheist. It was a great week!

We are so thankful to Rachel Reese (pictured below) who has served this past two years as the music development assistant.  Without her ministry and organization, this week with Belhaven would not have happened.

Dr. Andy taught master classes to composition students. He also taught the Cobra Game, which helps composers and musicians to better improvise and see new possibilities in writing and making music. We are hoping to continue to use this game as a spring board to form community among the non-believing musicians.

Dr. Chris taught master vocal classes. This was his third time at the Conservatory, and he had the privilege to follow-up with former students. On two occasions, Chris and Andy also talked with Christian musicians about what it means to be a musician created in the image of God.

Rachel organized a music competition with a cash prize for first, second, and third place. After the competition, each of the winners received helpful instruction from Chris and Andy on who they might improve as performers.

The week was concluded with an amazing concert with many cultural expressions. We begun the concert with playing some Old Time and Blue Grass Tunes.

Then many Peruvians shared some local expressions of Peruvian music. The concert was concluded with Chris directing the conservatory choir. They presented several African-American Spirituals and Gospels. It was a glorious conclusion to a great week!

Ice Ice Baby – Live Recording is up!

Check out our live recording of our family accompanying  Dr. Ross Stone in an Ice Ice Baby remix:

Click HERE to listen or download it!

Ross is a friend of ours who worked with our mission medical clinic here in Trujillo for 6 weeks.  He frequently came over for jam sessions and the girls loved hanging out with him. He was such a blessing to our mission and our family, we will miss having him down here and hope he will come back for a visit!

Lead guitar/vocals:   Ross
Backup guitar/vocals:   Allen
Cabasa:   Sandi
Harmonica:   Adeline
Backup singers:   Abigail, Adeline, Mary Allen, & Sandi

Recording Muyupampa

We wanted to update you on Allen’s work with music development. The following excerpt, taken from our Peru Mission web page, demonstrates the impact the Gospel has on the music of a culture.

“Music is a universal phenomenon, but not a universal language. How we respond to music is learned in our homes and cultures. One of the signs that the Gospel is reaching the heart of a people is when they begin to compose their own music within their own musical forms. One of the music forms in Peru is musica folklorica (folk music). It is the mountain music from the majestic Andes and has some of the most distinctive instruments and melodic styles.

In north Peru many young adults migrated to the coastal city of Trujillo to study at the university. Many come from the jungle city of Moyobama, where resides the largest presbyterian church in Peru (around 800 members). These Moyobambinos have brought with them their love for the Gosple and Peruvian folk music. Several of them have formed a group called “Muyupampa,” which is made up the two words muyu (“whirlpool or eddy”) and pampa (“pasture”). When the two are combined it communicates “stirring up the calm.”

In March 2008, Muyupampa recorded some live sample tracks. The band’s instrumentation made up with the following: panpipes (zamponas/sikus), flutes (quenas and tarkas), drum (bombo), a rattle made from sheep hooves (chaj’cha), a charango (a European influenced chordophone with resonator of wood or armadillo shell) and a classical guitar with nylon strings. Many of their songs com from the Evangelical Peruvian folklore group, Kerygma Canta. The majority of the musicians are now leading the music at the Larco congregation.”

Here are their demos. We hope you enjoy!

1. Salmo 47
2. Salmo 8
3. Mi Pastor
4. Cristo es Dios
5. La Vida Misionera
6. Arbolito

Music Development Update

Last week we held our first juries for our music scholarship students. Every quarter our students will be examined in front a panel of judges. We have piano, vocal, and guitar students. In the future we hope to boarden to violin, cello and other strings and possibly brass instruments. Our students were all evalutated so we can encourage those that are improving and challenge those who are lagging behind.

My right hand man, Daniel Ousley, recorded all of their performances so that we can compare their performance with future performances. It is our prayer that in six months, many of our students will begin to accompany the singing on the Lord’s Day services.

Thanks to many of your financial contributions to our music scholarship program, four students are can take piano classes for two years. We still lack $2,500 for our scholarship program. Please ask God to raise up the sufficient funds so we can add more students to our program. If you are interested or know someone who is interested, please get in touch with me.

Here are some pictures from our juries:

Josue preforming for the judges
Go here to listen to Josue’s performance.

Piano Students from the Witchansao Church

Piano Students from the Larco Church