Happy 6th Birthday Mary Allen!


Mary Allen turns 6 today!  Yesterday we celebrated with a fun party with her  friends getting  “make-overs” (Latin American style) at Edith Cordova Salon.  Edith Cordova owns the most prestigious salon in our city and she also happens to be a member of our church and missional cell group.  She so generously offered to throw a party for Mary Allen, all we did was show up!



Our friend Edith, beautiful inside and out!












Way to go Abigail!


We are so proud of our oldest daughter Abigail.  She won 3rd place in the annual math competition at her school.  She competed against 90 other girls in her grade level.  This is especially impressive since their school is known for their advanced math program and remember, she is doing this all in her second language of Spanish!

I am constantly reminded how gracious God has been to our girls as they do schooling in a second language and culture, we are so very thankful for His provision!

I love observation day


Twice a year, the Montessori Preschool that our little girls attend has an observation day for the parents.  It is so fun to sit in the corner and watch them work hard.  I am always surprise at how capable my girls are at hands on skills.




I love it when they are working so diligently and take a peek over their shoulder to make sure I am still watching!




All of our girls have attended this preschool, which was started by a German family who came to Peru to start a Lutheran mission. It has been an amazing experience and blessing. Because it is located just a few blocks from our house and is mostly neighborhood kids that attend, it has been the source of many relationships for our children and for Allen and I.

Already celebrating!


One of the many, many things I like about Peruvian culture is how big they celebrate Mother’s Day!  When I say it’s big, I mean, it’s up there with Christmas as far as holidays go.  At school, there are dance practices, gift making, vacation days, all in honor of mothers.  So, still a week away from the actual Mother’s Day, my little girls had a beautiful Mother’s Day program at school.



I love this picture below snapped by a friend . . . all the mothers and their camera gear, so proud of their babies.

. . yeah, that’s me at the end “Hi Eva!”


This Mother’s Day,  I am super excited to actually spend it with my mother!  She and my Dad are coming for their annual visit and it falls on Mother’s day!

Honoring those who work hard. . .


“Dia de los Trabajadores” or Labor Day is celebrated on May 1st here in Peru.  Our Peruvian friends know what it means to work hard.  There are no government systems in place to fall back on if you are unable or decide not to work and very few retirement programs.

At school earlier this week, Abigail’s class did a cute musical number to celebrate and honor all those working hard everyday to get the “little” jobs done.


“Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves.” -Dale Carnegie PeruLaborDayAbigailDanceatSchool“There is no substitute for hard work.” -Thomas Edison



Yesterday we celebrated Allen’s 37th birthday! At the end of a great day, he was TOTALLY taken off guard with a surprise party throw by many of his Peruvian friends and mission team. In good Peruvian style, they showered him with gifts of encouraging words, each sharing how he has impacted their life and how they see God working through him.

Allen's37Birthdaysurprise_-6  Allen's37Birthdaysurprise_-2


And any good birthday party here includes cake in the face!

Happy Birthday Allen! You are loved my many!

Celebrating : one of the fun ways we live in community!


As I mentioned in an earlier blog post,  last year I excepted my friend Carolina’s (pictured above) request that I be the photographer for her event planning business.  It has been such a fun blessing to have this creative outlet of working beside such a talented person. Since she plans mostly children’s birthday parties, it is a very fun job!  Earlier this week, her youngest daughter turned one! Carolina threw an incredible party with an “ice cream shop” theme.

Celebrating is one of the fun ways we get to live “in community” with others.




Daniella1Fiesta-20   Daniella1Fiesta-83

We are so very thankful for this family, they have been such great friends to our whole family!