Merry Christmas // Feliz Navidad

Wishing you all the hope, peace, love & joy that comes by resting in the one king who makes all things right, Jesus Christ!
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Merry Christmas //Feliz Navidad to all our friends, family & gospel partners,

Allen & Sandi Smith

Abigail (13), Adeline (11), Mary Allen (8) & Eva (5)

Feliz Navidad from the Peruvian desert!


To all our friends, family, and supporting churches. . . .

It has been one of our best years in Peru yet and we want to thank you for being a part of that.  We know that so many of you pray for us daily and give sacrificially so that we can live here, build friendships and share Jesus Christ with those we live among.

Allen's Dad at Christmas

Many of our team went back to the States for Christmas. This was our first time to celebrate this special season away from family and friends. As the summer days commenced in Peru, I found myself a bit down. Most veteran missionaries say the first Christmas away from home is always the hardest. It would have been if we had not have had a wonderful visit from my father.

My dad became our surrogot Santa Claus and came to Peru bearing gifts. The girls truly enjoyed their “Dadeo” at home, in the Plaza de Armas, and on the beach. Here are some pictures from his trip.

Thanks, dad, for the great visit!

Christmas Below the Equator

We hope you are getting ready for a wonderful Advent Season as we are here. As we approach Christmas we are also making our way into the summer months here below the equator. It is a bit different celebrating Christmas in the summer, but growing up in Louisiana I can remember several Christmases when my brother and I were wearing shorts on Christmas day, so it is not too weird. Just as we do in the U.S., Peruvians enjoy the tradition of drinking hot chocolate during the Christmas season, the difference is they are sweating as they drink it.

Hope you enjoy these recent pictures of family life. Anyone who has ever tried to take a Christmas family picture will appreciate these first few. Since we have no A.C. in our house or in the taxi’s we ride in, we have also been enjoying some swimming.

It only cost about $.80 or 3 stamps to send us a Christmas card, we would love to hear from you!! Our mailing address:

Allen Smith
Larco 100
Trujillo, Peru
South America

Merry Christmas and Much Love,


O.k. Abbie, no silly faces. . .

Everyone look at the camera please. . . .

That’s a good “cheese” Adeline