From the coast to the Andes. . .


Year after year, we have the privilege of having a team of 30 plus medical staff from First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS come and serve in Peru.  They serve long and hard all week long helping many patients in the Cajamarca  and the outer lying Andes communities.  Allen enjoys joining them each year to translate and offer pastoral  counseling  to the patients. It was a great week, but we are thankful to have him back on the coast with us.




Allen  prefers to take a 8 hour overnight bus ride up the Andes each year to get the best dental care from Dr. Danny Story.

Photo credit to Steve Hill (top 4) & Caleb Sutton (bottom pic)  for these pictures

Week in Cajamarca

Wow, we have had an excellent week in Cajamarca! Our family flew to the beautiful mountain city of Cajamarca last Sunday to meet up with the Bradford and Ramirez families to help with a short term missions team from First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS. This team has been incredible, working 12 hour days seeing patients in the make-shift medical/dental clinic and also doing an outreach in one of the public elementary schools here. Dr. Derek Thomas preached twice on Sunday and held a module seminary class on Justification by Faith Alone.

Our family also had a really neat experience flying to Cajamarca on an eight passenger airplane; just us and the pilots. We were sitting next to the pilots and could see out the front window which was incredible considering we were flying through the Andes Mountains! The best part is that it took only 30 minutes in comparison to a 7 hour bus ride up the twisty Andes and queasy girls.

We missionaries were really served by this team, not only by their encouraging fellowship, but their medical and dental attention they offered our families. Thanks Dr. Craig Flowers for bringing Mary Allen’s vaccinations!
They called Dr. Thomas (pictured below) the “red rooster” because he wore bright red scrubs as he served as a dental assistant all week long.
Allen stayed busy translating in the medical clinic, helping out with the music and sports at the school outreach, and meeting musicians of the Cajamarca congregations. Abigail was also able to help out some at the school outreach with English class, the sports, and making friends.
We also squeezed in some site seeing while we were in Cajamarca, which was incredible! We hiked the amazing ruins of Cumbe Mayo. . .

…visited Los Baños de Inca and climbed Santa Apolina. . .

Many thanks to the crew from First Presbyterian Church!

Seminary Module in Cajamarca

Several months ago, the missionary team thought it would be good for me to set a date to teach a seminary module class in Cajamarca. The purpose was to not only to encourage the brethren in Cajamarca but also to set a goal for my language aquistion. In other words this was my Spanish Midterm Exam. I taught a Biblical Theology course on “The Sacred World of Israel” where I showed how sacred space, sacred people, and sacred time all find their fulfillment in Christ.

I had never been to Cajamarca, the land of Peru Mission’s founding father, Alonzo Ramirez. He gave me a tour around the lovely city and many of the surrounding country churches. Many of the churches were recently planted while others were started by Scottish missionaries eighty years ago. Here are a few pictures from my trip…