Happy 6th Birthday Mary Allen!


Mary Allen turns 6 today!  Yesterday we celebrated with a fun party with her  friends getting  “make-overs” (Latin American style) at Edith Cordova Salon.  Edith Cordova owns the most prestigious salon in our city and she also happens to be a member of our church and missional cell group.  She so generously offered to throw a party for Mary Allen, all we did was show up!



Our friend Edith, beautiful inside and out!














Yesterday we celebrated Allen’s 37th birthday! At the end of a great day, he was TOTALLY taken off guard with a surprise party throw by many of his Peruvian friends and mission team. In good Peruvian style, they showered him with gifts of encouraging words, each sharing how he has impacted their life and how they see God working through him.

Allen's37Birthdaysurprise_-6  Allen's37Birthdaysurprise_-2


And any good birthday party here includes cake in the face!

Happy Birthday Allen! You are loved my many!

Celebrating : one of the fun ways we live in community!


As I mentioned in an earlier blog post,  last year I excepted my friend Carolina’s (pictured above) request that I be the photographer for her event planning business.  It has been such a fun blessing to have this creative outlet of working beside such a talented person. Since she plans mostly children’s birthday parties, it is a very fun job!  Earlier this week, her youngest daughter turned one! Carolina threw an incredible party with an “ice cream shop” theme.

Celebrating is one of the fun ways we get to live “in community” with others.




Daniella1Fiesta-20   Daniella1Fiesta-83

We are so very thankful for this family, they have been such great friends to our whole family!



Eating, celebrating, serving, laughing, all part of our Missional Cell group

Not all of our Golf Missional Cell group, but most, gathered to celebrate several of us that have August birthdays.

Spending time, eating and laughing together is one of the best ways to get to know one another better.

Meet Edith (left), she owns one of the most prominent hair salons in Trujillo and also attends our downtown church. Jami (right) befriended her 6-7 years ago while teaching her English and enfolded her into a Christian community.

Meet Laly (left), one of my tennis friends, who has become a core member of our cell group and who is also coordinating our social projects. Lotty (right) along with her husband Alfonzo, are neighbors two doors down and have been a huge blessing to our group and our family.

Celebrating together and for each other encourages and builds community!

We look forward to serving together as well, please pray for our upcoming social project at the end of this month.  We will be going to a poor community just outside our neighborhood to serve a group of mothers and their children through word and deed.

Baby cupcakes!

For our last Summer get-away we went to Lake Hamilton for the weekend to Allen’s dad’s lake house. Since it happened to be my birthday, the girls came up with the idea of giving me a baby shower for my birthday. I was quite impressed with what a man and three little girls could do to throw a baby shower! They had games planned, food prepared and some fun gifts.




Just six weeks to go!