More than a hobby. . . .

December has been a very busy month for photography projects and also the beginning phases of stepping up my photography “hobby” to a “business”.  I have recently partnered with a Peruvian friend who is an event planner in the city.  She and her husband  have been really great friends to Allen and I for the past several years.  Ever since I did a photo shoot of their family, she has been encouraging me to become more formal with my photography.  I’m not sure where God will lead me in this venture, but for now it surely is pushing me to grow in my skills and also is opening lots of doors for friendships, both great things!


Here are some of my favorite pics from a recent photo session with a cute 3 month old.    Luuk is blessed to be from a multicultural family.  His father is Peruvian and his mother is from Holland, they are neighbors and friends of ours here in Trujillo.











Mary Allen is Here!

Mary Allen safely arrived into this world at 7:30 AM. She weighes 8.12 pounds and is 20 inches long. The hospital does not have internet access and I do not have much time right now. But I’ll write more later with many more pictures. Thanks for your prayers!

We Both Turn 31

Allen turned 31 years old today. I am not in my 30’s quite yet, I can still say I am twenty-something for several more months, but I am 31 weeks pregnant. We celebrated his birthday with a crocante, which is one of his favorite Peruvian desserts. The Arevalo Church also suprised him with a birthday cake after church yesterday. We are blessed for the life and breath God gives us everyday. Happy Birthday Allen!

We're Expecting!

We are very excited to announce Baby Smith #3! It will be several more weeks until we find out the gender. Abbie really wants a baby brother. The whole thing is still very foggy for Adeline. Baby Smith will be arriving in June. We will be coming back to the States at the end of May to have the baby in Jackson, MS. We will then return to Peru after several months.

Below is a blown up picture of the sonogram. We’ll let you know when we find out if we have a boy or girl. Please pray for Sandi’s health. And praise God with us for such a wonderful Christmas gift!