Poppa & Grammy in Peru!


We just ended a wonderful week with my (Sandi’s) parents. This was their 6th trip to Peru to visit us. Allen and I are so thankful that we both have such loving and supportive parents. We know how hard it is for them to live so far from their children and grandchildren, yet, they have loved and supported our family & mission in all types of ways and made hard trips to visit us. They are indeed a part of our Peru Mission team and have made a sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel. After we have such good visits like we did this week and then have to say goodbye, we are always reminded that Peru nor the United States is our home. As followers of Christ we are all bound for a much better heavenly home where there will be no more sad goodbyes. Much love and thanks to you Mom & Dad!







And I was so very thankful to have my mother here for Mother’s Day. It’s probably been 10 years since we have been able to spend Mother’s Day together!


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