A new school year. . .


We were all very excited to begin the 2013 school year here in Peru.  I really like how the school year coincides with the calendar.  It begins the beginning of March and ends just before Christmas.  So with the celebrating of Christmas and the new year, we also celebrate the beginning of summer break.  We have a had a wonderful summer filled a visit from Dadeo (Allen’s father ), an adventurous trip to Machu Picchu, summer camp provided by Twin Lakes, many great days with our friends at the beach & pool, roller blading in the park with the other missionary kids and some fun art and photography projects.


We are thankful for the great summer, but my girls (like their parents) are always ready to get back into a good routine.  Allen and I begin this Thursday meeting with our core group of neighbors to brainstorm and pray about possible events and projects that we can do to get to know our neighbors better as a means to incorporate them into our missional cell group this year.


Thank you God for giving us two great Peruvian schools for our girls to attend.

We pray our family will bless & love many people this year because we have been so blessed and loved.

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