Visiting “El Brujo”

While the girls are on a two week school break here in Peru and while Allen’s mother was visiting us, we decided to take a “field trip” an hour out of Trujillo to visit The Brujo Archaeological Complex .  This complex consists of a pyramid that dates back to the Moche culture (100 BC-650 AD) and also a museum showing all their finds .  One of the most impressive finds at this site is a well-preserved tattooed mummy of a young woman which was discovered deep inside the mud-brick pyramid.  She was thought to be a princess in this ancient pagan society and her preserved body is behind glass and on display at this complex along with all her  gold jewelry, crowns and clothes that were found with her in her tomb.  Not all of our girls were excited about seeing that part of the museum.  A little spooky they thought.

We had the best looking tour guide. . .

This one. . .

The girls checking out the tomb where the princess was found. . .

Allen’s mother posing and wearing the replica jewelry (minus the nose ring) and crown that the El Brujo princess was wearing when found. . .

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