Belhaven University serves our music community inTrujillo

Besides leadership training and missional community formation, Allen has helped with music development. A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege of hosting two music  professors from Belhaven University, Dr. Chris Shelt and Dr. Andrew Sauerwein.  They were invited to come down and teach classes at the music conservatory in Trujillo, had music competitions and concerts and also had several opportunities to share the Gospel through their christian testimony among a community of non-believers and many atheist. It was a great week!

We are so thankful to Rachel Reese (pictured below) who has served this past two years as the music development assistant.  Without her ministry and organization, this week with Belhaven would not have happened.

Dr. Andy taught master classes to composition students. He also taught the Cobra Game, which helps composers and musicians to better improvise and see new possibilities in writing and making music. We are hoping to continue to use this game as a spring board to form community among the non-believing musicians.

Dr. Chris taught master vocal classes. This was his third time at the Conservatory, and he had the privilege to follow-up with former students. On two occasions, Chris and Andy also talked with Christian musicians about what it means to be a musician created in the image of God.

Rachel organized a music competition with a cash prize for first, second, and third place. After the competition, each of the winners received helpful instruction from Chris and Andy on who they might improve as performers.

The week was concluded with an amazing concert with many cultural expressions. We begun the concert with playing some Old Time and Blue Grass Tunes.

Then many Peruvians shared some local expressions of Peruvian music. The concert was concluded with Chris directing the conservatory choir. They presented several African-American Spirituals and Gospels. It was a glorious conclusion to a great week!

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