Saying goodbye. . .once again

One of the hard parts about being on the foreign mission field is the fact that we are always saying “goodbye”.  Whether it’s leaving our friends and family in the U.S. or having teammates leave us on the field, it never gets easy.  This month we have two interns, Chris Williamson and Grant Robinson, and two associate missionaries, Rachel Reese and Linda Bundy, that are leaving Peru.  They have all faithfully served their term working with our mission and are headed back to the U.S. to pursuit their studies and/or career.  So, here we are “sending them off” with much prayer and encouragement as they head to their next mission field. . .the U.S.A.

One thought on “Saying goodbye. . .once again

  1. What a beautiful picture. God’s people laying on hands and sending out. I could look at pictures like that all day!

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