A Smeavell Reunion

Last week, we had a wonderful reunion with our dear friends, the Leavell family.  We became so close to Janet and George (and their 3 beautiful daughters Neely, Maggie and Lee)  when we were living in Memphis that we nicknamed our two families, “the Smeavells”.  We continue to be overwhelmed by their love for us and are so thankful that God placed them in our lives.

One thought on “A Smeavell Reunion

  1. Hey Sandi…so glad you got to visit with Janet and George. They are two of the most personable and hospitable people i have ever met. Janet really rolled out the love for the Nisolo show she had for Patrick. I stopped by their house a couple of weeks ago and had a wonderful visit with George.
    Patrick posted the pictures you took of his return visit with the ‘Smith’ clan . He adores your children. The pictures of Patrick and Mary Allen melt my heart ‘big time’
    Thanks for always keeping pictures and happenings for us on your site…my best, JoAnne

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