Freezing Time

I had the privilege of “freezing time” and capturing the engagement of two good friends last week.  Believe me when I say this was THE most challenging and intense photo opportunity I have had.  Hermes calls me in the morning and lets me know that he has just gotten back from Lima with the perfect ring and ask if I could capture the surprise engagement with my camera, I eagerly say “YES!”.  But then, he proceeded to tell me the details.   It would all go down at 8:30pm that night, he wanted me to be hiding at the designated location, which was a beautiful park of lighted water fountains, and capture him popping the question.

The challenge lay ahead 1) it would be at night, the lighting situation would be way less than ideal for capturing crisp shots of their facial expressions and emotions 2) the only light source besides some florescent street lights would be the lights on the water fountains that change colors and brightness every 5 seconds  3) because of all the water shooting up, there would be a mist in the air, so my lens would constantly have to be wiped  4) these would be pictures they would treasure for the rest of their lives, maybe show there grand kids – so I had to do this right 5) AND, this wasn’t just for anyone, this was one of my best friends and she was about to get the surprise of her live!  It was intense, but oh so fun!!!

Well, it all went perfectly, and we (Allen was there too)  feel blessed to have been a part of their special night.  Alleen and Hermes have an amazing love story that only God could have put together. We are thankful for them and look forward to seeing how God will use them to further His kingdom in Peru.

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