Freezing Time

11:45a.m.  A very sweet moment.

My dear friend, Whitney Ueltschey, surprising a  little girl (in Mary Allen’s preschool) with a wheelchair who otherwise would never have one.  More pictures here.

One thought on “Freezing Time

  1. Sandi…this is wonderful…thanks for sending the pictures…
    Patrick is getting used to being back in the states. A year in Peru has him torn between the people he loves so much there and his new life here. We are getting the house ready for the 1000 pair of shoes that will be coming down our drive in a couple of weeks. I love the shoes! they are amazingly comfortable and i think Nisolo is going to be very successful in the future. Patrick is working many hours a day on this project and I believe good things are going to come from this. We are so happy to have him home yet as a mom, I can feel his sadness from missing all of you and his friends from the mission.
    We were in church this morning and a couple from Brazil is going to be in Oxford for a year learning English. Javier is a minister and he and his wife came to Ole Miss to study. I met them last week at the service and invited them to dinner. I told them Patrick would be with me today and they were soooo happy to meet Patrick and speak Spanish with him. Saundra speaks very little English. They are coming over next week!
    much love your way…JoAnne

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