Birthday girls with a cause!

To celebrate our girls 2011 birthdays, we decided to throw one big party.  Instead of bringing gifts for the girls, they asked their friends to bring two things : (1) a talent and (2) a donation.  They decided that the donation would go toward the benevolence fund at our Wichanzao Medical Clinic.  The party was a huge success!  We had over 15 outstanding talents entered and raised over S/. 200 (that’s about $70).  Little did we know how the Lord would use the donation. . .

When we arrived at the clinic the next morning, the girls saw first hand the Lord at work through their donation. A few days earlier, the clinic had given all the money in their benevolence fund to a grieving family in the neighborhood. A gang member had recently shot the husband of a woman. This same woman had previously set the clinic up for a robbery (several years ago, she had scoped out the clinic and tipped off local thugs who then came and robbed the clinic).   Compelled by the love of Christ, the clinic staff this past week gave their remaining money away to this undeserving woman, showing her that God loves his enemies.  It was a powerful testimony for our girls to help replenish this benevolence fund that ministers powerfully in Jesus’ name.

Abigail – turning 9 on Sept. 2

Adeline – turned 7  on April 22

Mary Allen – turned 4 on June 20

Evangeline – will turn 1 on Sept. 30

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