I must brag. . .

. . .on God!

I just wanted to share a couple of wonderful things that the Lord has done in the past week.  First of all, Adeline made a public profession of her faith in Jesus Christ this past Sunday!   She spoke to Pastor Wes Baker before the service in English and then during the church service answered his questions, very confidently in Spanish,  in front of the church.

Also, we picked up report cards yesterday and had parent/teacher conferences.  We were super thankful and pleased. Adeline is ranked #1 (out of 26 girls) in her class, meaning, she has the best grades (along with conduct) in her class.  Abigail is ranked #9 (out of 29) in her class which I think is excellent too. They are both the only non-Peruvians in their classes. I hope this doesn’t sounds like I am bragging, but so many of  you have been praying for them as they transition back to their Spanish speaking school and God went over the top and answered our prayers!  So, we definitely give God all the glory and thank you for your prayers.

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