Do You Believe In Angels?

We have made it to Peru safe and sound.  This past Thursday at 4:00 AM we arrived at our hotel in Lima.  It has taken us until now to catch up on our rest.  I wanted to share with you an amazing event that happened on our journey back to Peru…

On 11/01/11, I pulled out of Memphis, TN with my 5 ladies and 15 pieces of luggage.  45 minutes after crossing the Mississippi Bridge, an 18 wheeler pulled up next to me, honking to notify me that my trailer has caught a flat.  “Oh no!”  My heart sank as I pulled over on the side of I-40.  For various complications, I could not change the tire!  So as I lay on my back working on the tire, two feet from sudden death, hands bleeding in below-freezing winds racing across the Arkansas Delta, a thought pops into my head, “Perhaps God never wanted you to leave Memphis?”  Then another thought popped in my head, “Perhaps Satan is attacking you?”  Confused, I cried out in desperation: “God, please send someone to help me!” And I kid you not — 5 minutes later, a silhouette of a large man stands in front of me.  Startled, I thought, “Am I dead?”

As the large person approached, I came eye-to-eye with a blue cross around his chest.  Then I made out the face of a kind-looking man and noticed that he was carrying a King James Bible.  “Do you need any help?” the large man asks.  Shaken up, I explained the situation the best I could.  The man introduced himself, “They all me St. Daniel.”  I glanced over at his vehicle and I’m amazed at what I witnessed: a 7 foot-cross chained to the bed of his truck!  I had never seen any truck like it.  “Peace” was written on the tail gate and inscribed on the cross were the words: “Jesus is Boss”.

St. Daniel quickly noticed that I lacked a tool to remove the spare tire.  So he retrieved some gloves and a tiny crescent wrench from his truck.  And I said to him, “That’s too small to remove the tire.”  Then St. Daniel remarked, “I knew you were going to say that.  Sometimes God uses the small things in big situations.”  And sure enough, he succeeded in taking the tire off.

After several minutes, I built up the courage to ask him, “Do you believe in angels?”  “Sure I do!”  St. Daniel exclaimed.  “But I aint no angel, you know angels can’t marry.  And I’ve been married before.”  I asked him where he was from, and he said, “I aint got no home, I just roam from here to there, following the Lord’s will.”  He proceeded to help me change my tire, then upon departing he randomly thumbed through some index cards.  Handing me a card, he said, “I think God might want you to have this.”  The card had a prayer which read: “Father, may he know that he is the object of Your love.”

I don’t know if St. Daniel was an angel or not.  But I do know that he was God’s direct answer to prayer: a saint sent to help me in a time of need.  In Scripture, angels normally pop-up in times of great change.  So as our family was in major transition, God sent us this saint to remind us that He was calling us back to Peru and that we were the objects of His great love.  Oh, how tangible are the ways in which God loves us!  And who knows, perhaps St. Daniel is still with us, ministering to us as we minister in Peru.  And perhaps you too have seen an angel unaware (Hebrews 13:2)!

4 thoughts on “Do You Believe In Angels?

  1. St. Daniel may not have been from the ethereal realm, but I truly believe God sent him to help you! I pray everyday that God will send His angels to protect my children. This is a testimony that God does answer our prayers – sometimes in very surprising ways!

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