Catching Up on Four Years of American Culture, Part 3

Our last entry on American cultural observations are on the lighter, funner side of life.

  • Indie Music.  Peru is the world’s leader in pirated music.  You can buy a mp3 CD with 100+ songs for $1.  In such a parasitic economy, there is little chance to be introduced to  innovated music.   To make matters worse, Pandora radio does not work outside the US boarders.  So with the combination of many road trips, my iPhone, and the free Pandora app, I have discovered many incredible artists.  Noise Trade has also introduced us to the Christian independent music scene.  To name a few are the Avett Brothers, Maeve, Vamphire Weekend, Spoon, The Shines, Noah and the Whale, Mumford & Sons, White Stripes, and many more.
  • Cupcakes.  Our last observation is yummy.  It seems as though cupcakes has taken the place of old fashion cakes.    Parties, events, and bakeries now carry these beautiful creations.  I wonder if this fad caters to our individual cravings for solitary celebrations?  Icing is the key  – like a compact version of a wedding cake.  Regardless, we have come to enjoy this new trend, from the Memphian Muddy’s Bake Shop “lovin’ from the oven” cupcakes to the Peabodies’ elegant treats.  Perfect portions for my family of 5 girls!

I wonder what we’ll observe when we return in the next 4 years?  Will cupcakes still be all the rage?  Will the economy still be in a slump?  Will I enter the indie music scene?  Will we take better care of the earth?  Will texting & driving be outlawed?  I can’t wait to find out!

One thought on “Catching Up on Four Years of American Culture, Part 3

  1. Great to stumble on to your site. Reminds me of coming back from Costa Rica and noticing those ‘differences’–like the big box stores (grocery and otherwise) that overwhelm with their variety. But how cool to live in a part of the world where so much is going on!

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