Catching Up on the Past Four Years of American Culture, Part 2

Here are the next two observations upon reentry into American life.  You’ll probably think, “Yeah, that’s obvious.”  Well, I guess we have been out of mainstream for longer than we thought.

  • The Seriousness of the Economic Crisis.  Our first few weeks in Memphis, we met many people who lost their jobs due to the economic downturn.  It wasn’t just a handful, but many without work.  Also, as we embarked upon fund raising, it was apparent that many were holding on to their money tighter than they were back in 2004-05.  Many who picked us up this year for support, did not give out of their abundance.  It has truly been humbling to see how many have given sacrificially.
  • Green Movement.  It didn’t hit me until we went shopping that we saw one person after another at the register with their own reusable bags.  When I went to look for light bulbs at Lowe’s, the only ones I could find were the CLF types (the squiggly bulbs).  Back in 2005, I didn’t hear anyone say we should “Go Green”.  Now, being concerned for our planet does not make a you a “tree-hugger”.  I am glad to see this trend is being promoted not just by the liberal left.  Many conservative Christians are making efforts to take care of the Earth.  Of course many advertisers have abused this movement by slapping  “green” on their products, then jack up the price.  And it’s true that many place too much hope in politics to “Save the Planet”, urging international restrictions.  But on the whole, it seems that the green movement is a sign of the Holy Spirit working among all types of people to take better care of God’s planet.

Stay tuned for our final two observations of how we think America has changed these past four years.

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