Road Trip Song Requests

Last weekend we drove 1,000 miles, plenty of time in the car.  As a way to pass time, we often take turns requesting songs  to play. Here are a few examples from each person:

  • Abigail: (1) Blue Suede Shoes Remix,Viva Elvis & (2) Single Ladies, Beyoncé
  • Adeline: (1) El Burrito de Belén, Hugo Blanco & (2) Hey Soul Sister, Train (3) I Gotta Feeling; Black Eyed Peas
  • Mary Allen: (1) Feliz Navidad, Wiggles & (2) Boom Boom Boom, Black Eyed Peas
  • Sandi: (1) You & I, Ingrid Michaelson & (2) Kick Drum Heart, Avett Brothers (3) 5 Years Time; Noah and the Whale
  • Allen: (1) 2 Legit 2 Quit, MC Hammer, (2) Rapper’s Delight, Sugerhill Gang, & (3) Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Although Eva didn’t get a turn, we did see a road sign with her name on it.   Evangeline, although pronounced a little different, is a stable name in South Louisiana.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip Song Requests

  1. This is hysterical, Sandi. I love your blog, Sandi and Allen, and look forward to following it as you return to Peru.

    Katy Brink

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