Our Most Thankful Things: #2 – Mission House

Our #2 thing we are thankful for this year on furlough is the mission house of Independent Presbyterian Church of Memphis.  Words cannot express how grateful we are for the generosity of this amazing church!  The mission house is situated in a great location in Memphis, only minutes away from everything you need.  The girl’s school is only three blocks down the road.  Sandi has enjoyed aerobic classes and women bible studies only 50 steps of the mission house.  The girls visit the brand new playground almost everyday.  And Allen has thoroughly enjoyed IPC’s wonderfully stocked bookstore.  What a great place to live!

IPC Mission House
Mary Allen’s Bedroom

More than that, the church body has gone above and beyond to serve us.  IPC allowed Allen to use a nice office in the church building.  We received loads of gifts when Evangeline was born.  We are still eating the food that many people brought over after the birth.  The ladies hosted a baby shower for Sandi.  And many had us over to the home for dinner.  And on top of that, IPC and many of its members have financially partnered with us to send us back to Peru.  They have shown us how much God loves us, and we can’t believe it!  It makes us want to bless others the way we have been so blessed.  Hopefully we’ll get a turn soon in Peru.

The Mitchum’s hosting us at their home

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