The Missional Church of the Risen Lord

Almost every Sunday, Allen has been speaking at different churches. Most places he has preached the Apostle John’s version of the Great Commission found in John 20:19-24. In this talk, Allen is talking to Independent Presbyterian Church in Memphis.

The main idea of the talk is that the resurrection of Jesus is not an escape from the world, rather it is basis of church’s mission into the world because Christ is the Lord over the world. And on resurrection Sunday, Jesus mediates three gifts from each person in the Trinity to the church, so that she maybe the staging center for God’s kingdom in the world. Here’s the three main points…

1. The Peace of the Father: the push from fear to mission, John 20:19-21

2. The Mission of the Son: the privilege to join God’s mission, 20:22

3. The Life of the Holy Spirit: the power to fulfill this mission, 20:23-24

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