What's air conditioning?

We are proud of Adeline for learning so much in her kindergarten class. In three months she has learned how to read in English (which will be helpful as we go back to our Peruvian school where she only reads in Spanish) and has made many new friends.

When we arrived in the U.S. in February and went to the school to register, this is what happened as we entered the kindergarten class to meet her new teacher.

Teacher: “Hello, Adeline, this is our classroom and your new classmates. And this is our pet guinea pig.” (pictured above)

Adeline: “Guinea pig, we eat those in Peru!”

Mom: “Shhhhh, they don’t eat them in the U.S.”

Although, we have eaten guinea pig (otherwise known as cuy) on special Peruvian occasions, we are not huge fans, but it is a major delicacy especially in the mountains of Peru.

Another conversation with Adeline that our missionary friends will appreciate:

Adeline: “Daddy, it’s getting hot in the house, can we bring out the fans?”

Dad: “We don’t need fans, we have air conditioning in this house.”

Adeline: “What’s air-conditioning??”

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