Monos y motos. . . a trip to the jungle

A couple of weeks ago, our family took a trip to the high jungle of Peru, to the cities of Tarapoto and Moyobamba. It was a really fun and adventerous trip for the girls. Our purpose for the trip was to attend a wedding of a friend in Moyobamba and for Allen to teach a seminary course, but we were also able to enjoy some family time. The main form of transportation in the jungle are motorcycles (motos), so to the girls delight, that’s how they traveled during our visit, riding piggy back with our friends Oscar and Lenin. We enjoyed seeing the monkeys (monos), beautiful birds, a boat ride down the Rio Mayo, hiking to a waterfall and a lot of swimming and hanging out with good friends.

Hiking to a waterfall in Tarapoto. . .

Fresh fruit everywhere. . .

Riding motos. . .a highlight

Soccer in the jungle. . .

Does it look like he is giving us the peace sign?
Some of the monkeys we met. . .

It was so hot in Tarapoto, we were in the pool by 7am swimming. . .

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