Four years ago. . .

December 2005 we watched all our earthly belongings leave on a 20′ container heading to the New Orleans port and then on to the Lima port.

Shortly after, we began our lives in Peru by living in 11,000 ft. mountain city of Cusco, Peru for three months where we studied in a Spanish language school. I am so thankful we started our Peruvian lives there, it is truly the heart of South America.

We lived just a short train ride from Machu Picchu and our apartment was surrounded by ruins of ancient Inca civilization.

I remember finding the lowest and safest spot while on a visit to Machu Picchu and taking a rest with our youngest. These pictures remind me of how tired we were when we lived in Cusco. Between the 11,000 ft. altitude, four plus hours of Spanish school a day, and raising two toddlers. . . whew!

The girls preschool “Chaska Wasi” which is Quechua for “house of stars”. It was a great school and where the girls kick started their bi-lingual lives.

Learning about llamas, cuye (guinea pig) and local shopping. . .

Outside our favorite Peruvian organic resturant, our gringitas were always fun entertainment for the local ladies. . .

Our family four years ago. . .

Our family today. . .

We are so thankful for you, our faithful prayer and financial supporters! We have been blessed beyond measure these past four years and are so encouraged to see what the Lord has done in the past four years. We have learned so much and have so much more to learn! The Lord is doing amazing things in our churches and missoin in Trujillo and we are excited about what the next five years holds.

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