Twinlakes blesses us again!

For the third year in a row, Twin Lakes brought down a team of 21 camp counselors to run a week camp for 100 of our church kids, 40 orphans and 13 missionary kids. It was a week of fun they will never forget and never would have experience otherwise. Many thanks to Alleen Mclain, Andrew Vincent, Tuan La and Zach Owens who put much work into this week. We are thankful for them and I know they will see many Peruvians in Heaven that will be ever grateful for their labors.

Zach Owens (pictured with Allen below in the green shirt), one of the newest Twin Lakes camp directors did an incredible job of teaching on a different “king” in the Bible each day, ending on the one true king, Jesus Christ. He taught both in small groups and in the large assembly each day sharing the gospel in such a clear way with great enthusiasm . We really enjoyed getting to know he and his wife, Kristen (pictured below painting faces) and hope to spend more time with them in the furture.

Allen did a great job leading the camp music. He composed two songs for the week. He put the theme verse (1 Samuel 16:7) to music and also put one of the catechisms to the tune of the Peruvian national anthem. The kids loved it!

We plan to send our two oldest girls to a week of camp at Twin Lakes while we are in the U.S. on furlough, they are so excited! Abigail said, it will be so much fun to have camp all in English!!

Thanks Twin Lakes and First Presbyterian Church Jackson, Ms for blessing us again!

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