Adeline Graduates the Montessori Kindergarten

Adeline also finished out her school year at the Montessori preschool which she attended for 2 & 1/2 years. It has been an excellent preschool for both our oldest girls. This is where they both became “Spanish speakers” and learned a little German as well. It is a Montessori kindergarten owned and run by a Lutheran missonary family from Germany.
Adeline and Fabian, the 5 year old graduates, with their teachers

The Montessori method teaches children how to do things such as: pouring and scooping, using kitchen utensils, washing dishes, polishing objects, scrubbing tables, and cleaning up. They also learn how to dress themselves, tie their shoes, wash their hands, and other self-care practices. Adeline had a cooking class once a week and now loves to help cook at home. I have also been impressed with their emphasis on world cultures and geography. Adeline can name all the continents and identify all the flags of the South American countries. The Montessori method encourages children to teach and help each other. Here are some pictures taken by her teachers:

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