Pray for Allen in Cajamarca

Please pray for Allen as he is in the mountain city of Cajamarca all this week teaching a Homiletics course (a preaching course). He will be teaching men from Cajamarca and from the amazon jungle who have traveled a long distance to attend the class.

Pray for his stamina and safety, he had an 8-10 hour bus ride on a “not so nice” bus through the night (meaning, he missed a night of sleep). As soon as he got off the bus, the men from the jungle were so eager to learn, they asked to be taught 2 times a day instead of just one. Ministry has been extremely difficult and exhausting here in Trujillo lately, probably one of the hardest times of ministry we have had, so he was already tired when he left. But, God is always faithful to give us strength when needed.

Praise the Lord for these men who are so eager to learn how to preach the Gospel! This is why we are in Peru! I think Allen getting in the Andes for a week will encourage his heart and mind, the Lord seems to use the mountains to remind us of His greatness and might.

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