We have our plane tickets!

After being in Peru for four years, we are going back to the U.S. for a year furlough (Home Missionary Assignment). We just bought our plane tickets, and our date is set. We will arrive on February 17th and plan to be in the States for one year.

God has already graciously provided us with a house to live in and a car to use. We will be living in Memphis, TN in the mission house of Independent Presbyterian Church. If you are interested, go here to see it’s location on Google Maps.

We would love to visit as many of you as possible and share what God is doing in Peru. Please contact us if you are interested (see email on side bar).

One thought on “We have our plane tickets!

  1. Allen,Just found your blog. As you know God has blessed you with a beautiful family. I am sure they are as beautiful on the inside as they are the outside. Three girls! Wow. can relate some although mine are a bit older now. Anyway. I hope you have a pleasant "furlough". When and if you do come back to Peru lets get together with our families. Larry

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