Felizes Fiestas Patrias!

A cuy (guinea pig) cookout with friends. . .

. . .and a game of volleyball. . .made today a fun and culturally rich Fiestas Patrias!

Today, July 28th, marks the day that Peru gained its independence from Spain with the help of General Jose de San Martin, known as Peru’s liberator. Along with Christmas, Fiestas Patrias is one of the most important celebrations of the year for Peruvians.

The celebration Fiestas Patrias in Peru coincides with the vacation periods for the local schools as well as some businesses. So, our girls are enjoying a few weeks of vacation from school and are enjoying the extra relaxation and play.

At dawn on the 28th a 21 cannon salute traditionally begins flag-raising ceremonies as Peru remembers the anniversary of its birth. This morning at 6:30am, the Smith household was awoken by the sound of cannon-like fires which began our fun day!

2 thoughts on “Felizes Fiestas Patrias!

  1. Allen… I can't believe we missed the cuy meal!!!! so sad!! I am so thankful we had the opportunity to spend a week in Trujillo with yall and all the other missionary families! It is so evident how the Lord is working in Peru! It was more than encouraging to spend time with yall, and I pray God's continued blessings on Peru mission and your family!! I will hopefully be back in February with the IPC medical mission team and my husband as well… he has seen all the pictures and is eager to get over to Peru also! Many blessings and prayers! Thanks for yalls hospitality to our team!!Sheley Taras

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