A Few of My Favorite Things

What I miss from the States
1. Family
2. Anything green, especially Pine Trees (I’m from South Arkansas)
3. Comfortable Chairs
4. BBQ Ribs
5. Wider variety of restaurants
6. Coke Icees (my in-law’s favorite treat)
7. The freedom to drive anywhere (we only use taxis)
8. Orderly lines and stop signs
9. Water skiing
10. Walking in the woods

What I like in Peru
1. Daily fresh organic food
2. Slower pace of life
3. Higher emphasis on personal relationships
4. Help around the house
5. Churros: fried donut pastry filled with caramel
6. Rocoto Rellenos: stuffed peppers
7. The beautiful, jagged Andes Mountains
8. Peruvian folk music
9. The beach with its monstrous Pacific surfing waves
10. Most of all, the Peruvian people with all their hopes and challenges

One of the blessings of living in another culture is being able expand your favorite things list.

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