By far our favorite band in Peru is “Muyupampa”. These are guys that Allen has been working with on a musical and spiritual level for about two years. These energetic guys are mostly from the jungle city of “Moyobamba”, hence the band’s name. They play folkloric music with traditional Peruvian instruments and have a great joy and energy for the Lord. They sing many of the Psalms and are working on putting more to Peruvian rhythms. When a group from the U.S. comes to work here in Trujillo, they can usually expect a concert.

Allen has been training some of these guys to lead music in the churches as well, which has been a HUGE blessing to all who attend our Larco church. It has been amazing to see the transformation of the worship service in the past year, largely due to these guys talent, Allen’s weekly teaching on worship, and a dedicated choir!

Worshipping at the Larco church. . .

We have them in our home all the time, it seems like once a week. We love hanging out with these guys. Our neighbors have even grown to enjoy their music, as they can hear it coming from our house.

A common site in our living room. . .

Uncle Lenin hanging out in our home. . .
Performing in the historical Municipal building in downtown Trujillo. . .

Our girls absolutely love Muyupampa! They know all their songs and Lenin Karino (the group’s leader) has officailly labeled them Muyupampa’s #1 fans. The girls and I made “I Love Muyupamapa” t-shirts to wear to their concerts, and Lenin liked them so much he had some made to sell as a way to help pay for their next recording.

After a concert. . .
The women behind the men. . .
Please pray for these guys as they seek to worship the Lord through their talent and energy! Please pray for Allen as he continues to disciple and train these guys.

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