Answered Prayers with the Belhaven Music Team

The Belhaven Music Team had a great ride! After more than 10 concerts and 10 masters classes from the Independence House in Trujillo to the Orphanage at Hogar de Esperanza, we witnessed the hand of God upon us. Today, I sat down and thought of several of the many ways God answered our prayers during this past week. Here are the highlights….

1. God opened up many new doors at the conservatory. Several on the team taught masters classes and performed. The administrator of the Conservatory invited two of the team members, Abigial Crumley and Rachel Reese, to come back and teach at the conservatory. Perhaps God will bring them back for a longer stay in Peru!

2. Through the concerts, the gospel was presented, many new contacts were made, and our Christian community grew in greater prestige. The Chrisitan Peruvian folk group, Muyupampa, made their grand debute on many stages in Trujillo.

The news caught wind of Belhaven’s presence in Trujillo and invited us to for a live interview on Sol TV.

3. Through the music appreciation presentations at the colegios (grammar schools), several teachers have begun attending the Larco City Church.

4. Through the vocal classes, God gave great hope to budding vocalists and choir members in showing them their natural potential and giving them many solid basic instruction on singing properly.

5. God planted many seeds in future music missionary candidates, who are seeking God’s will to return to Peru for a longer term.

Thank you, Belhaven Connections, for coming and serving with us! And thanks be to our gracious God who is cultivating a culture of beautiful music in Peru!

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