Allen's Quema

April 30th was Allen’s 33rd birthday. Thirty of his closest Peruvian friends surprised him with a “Quema”. A quema is a fun tradition here where friends show up at your house the midnight before your birthday and begin celebrating with a bang! After sneaking in our garage without Allen knowing they began singing happy birthday accompanied by their Peruvian instrument. After several songs, they went around in a circle each sharing an encouraging word or story about Allen.

It was very fun and encouraging to say the least, a birthday he will never forget!

3 thoughts on “Allen's Quema

  1. feliz cumple, allen! It looks like it was a great one. I came to your blog (as I often do) while missing Peru. Sure wish we could hang out together. I can’t believe Adeline is 5 already! Katie and I are getting ready to pack up and move to ST. Louis to study at Covenant Seminary with the Gibsons, which is closer to both our families and a better fit for us. Wes is actually speaking there in a couple of weeks, but we’ll still be in Philly. I really hope I can visit Peru again someday soon. How long will you be there? Every Blessing, Brother.

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