A visit from Tucker Robbins

I must say, there is never a dull moment working with Peru Mission. This week brought us a visit from the famous New York designer, Tucker Robins (pictured above). When Parish Furniture, Peru Mission’s largest economic development project, attended their first furniture market in New York last month Tucker took a quick interest in their unique furniture designs and Peruvian woods. This started a relationship that we are praying that will be beneficial to the success of Parish Furniture and the lives of many Peruvian men. Tucker and a couple of his partners, came to Trujillo this week to talk with the Ball’s, meet the Peruvian carpenters and further discuss their collaboration.

The missionary families were invited to go out to Clementina on Wednesday to be a part of a promotional video that Tucker is making to promote Parish Furniture. We will share the footage with you when it is released, but until then, here are some snapshots of folks trying out the furniture for the video:

It is always exciting to see how the Lord connects people for His purposes, we are all very excited to see what He will do!
To learn more about our Parish Furniture project, visit here.

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