Patti gets married!

Our dear friend Patti was married yesterday. It was a joy to be a part of her special day. For a little over three years now, Patti has been working in our home since we have lived in Trujillo. She has been a huge answer to prayers in helping us with our home: watching the girls, cooking, and cleaning, (which is no easy task while living in a desert). Our daughters adore her. In fact Patti is Mary Allen’s best friend and the reason most of her first words have been in Spanish. She has such a servant’s heart, always going above and beyond what she is asked to do. If you have every visited us in Peru, she has probably been a blessing to you as well as she stays busy cooking for our many visitors and short-term teams that come down to visit us.

Allen giving the newly weds a blessing at the reception. . .

Patti even served us at her own wedding reception. . .

The culture here is not welcoming for faithful Biblical marriages. In fact, as you might notice from the pictures, Patti and José are already expecting a baby. This is very typical that couples have children before they are actually married. In fact, most of the weddings we have attended, the children of the couple are in the wedding.

Please pray for Patti and her husband José as they begin a new live together.

Our friend and photographer, Robin Eby, also snapped some great pics, check them out here

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