1st Annual Larco Missions Conference

This past weekend, we had our first annual missions conference at our Larco church here in Trujillo. Along with two local missionaries from our church, we had two guest speakers, Dario whose family is from our church but is a missionary in the Amazon jungle. And our dear friend, Trinidad de Los Angles (or Trino, pictured), a gentleman from the coast who is a missionary to a remote village called Inca Wasi located in the Andean mountains.
Trino is a follow-up missionary to Wycliffe missionaries who just introduce the New Testament Bible in 2005 to this “unreached” people group. You may remember our blog post from our incredible visit to Inca Wasi last October where we first met Trino. It was a blessing to have him in our home and for him to share in our church.

The conference was a blessing to all who attended. It was an encouragement to us as foreign missionaries and to the men we are trying to train to be missionaries in their own country. Our hope and prayer is that we will be sending more missionaries out from our churches to more places in Peru.

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