Back in the States with Family & a Bummed Knee

A few weeks ago we arrived in the States to see family during the holidays. The girls have had some rich time with their grandparents and enjoying the cooler fall weather.

We also went to Houston to see our best friends. While in Houston we went ice-skating at the Galleria. Sandi was quite the natural. A veteran even told her so, and showed her some moves. As she was practicing them, she tripped and fell directly on her knee. Sandi normally does not complain about bumps and bruises, but when she expressed how much pain she was in, we went to a walk-in clinic. The X-ray showed that she fractured her knee-cap, nearly tearing it in two. Ouch!

Our friend recommended a Christian orthopedic surgeon, who said that Sandi did not need surgery but only a month of healing. The doctor even consulted us and gave Sandi her leg brace all for free! God is good!

We’ll return to Peru on December 30th, a few days before our second Twin Lakes youth camp.

Prayer Requests:

  • Sandi’s continued healing – she has already witness rapid healing.
  • Continued rich fellowship with family and friends.
  • Final Twin Lakes camp preparations – there are a thousand details in order to pull off camp, and there is only so much Allen can do on this side of the border. Please pray for Eduardo, the point man in Peru working on camp preparations.

May you have a wonderful Advent Season celebrating our new born King!

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