Caught in a Spanish Web!

Last night we had our 3rd Annual Peru Mission Mystery Dinner. Allen Bradford (see Chinese Juggler below) has coordinated this fun event the past three years and it has become one of the most anticipated events of the year for our team here in Trujillo. It is a great way to get together as a team, have fun and laugh (a lot!). Much of the fun comes the month before the party when we are given a description of the character we are to play and dress suggestions. It can be humorous and challenging to go around town looking for costumes and props. This year the theme was “Caught in a Spanish Web” and took place at a 4 3/4 star Spanish hotel. Along with the Spanish hotel workers, there were many exotic hotel guests from all over the world, including a traveling circus act. It is always amazing to see how well everyone puts together their costumes and gets into character.
Chris Bolton as Pascal, the passionate French chef:

Sandi and her friend, the Chinese juggler (Allen Bradford)

The missionary wives:
The missionary men:

The award winners and the one found guilty:And here we are:Marilda (Spanish Actress) and Rudy Bellows (American Circus Ringmaster)

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