Smith Funnies

Our girls are just getting to the age where they say many funny things. Everyday we catch ourselves saying, “I need to write that down.” So we have written some of the most recent funnies at the Smith family household:

  • The other night I was putting Adeline to bed. Sometimes I give her an Eskimo kiss (nuzzling noses) and then a butterfly kiss (fluttering your eye lashes against another cheek). As I was leaving her room, she said, “And the tongue too, daddy!”
  • Sometimes we sing the Gloria Patri at the breakfast table as a family. One morning as we reached the climax of the song, we discovered that Abbie had been singing “world without men! Amen, Amen!” instead of “world without end“. We’re wondering if our daughter is a proto-feminist. Nah, she likes boys too much.
  • During family worship, Allen was explaining the seriousness of sin; how just one sin condemns to hell. We were so proud of our four year old, who was listening and looking so intently at her daddy, until she said, “Booger, daddy. You’ve got a booger in your nose.”

We’ll try to keep writing things down.

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