Please Pray for our Parish Furniture project!

Several years of planning and several months of on the ground implementation have led the Parish woodshop project to a critical point. When Chris Bolton and Brad Ball began raising funds for this project, they followed the advice of several experienced Christian businessmen and decided to raise only enough to get the project going and test its validity. Once the facility was up and running, and it became clear that the project was viable, Chris and Brad would raise the additional funds needed to reach self-sustainability. They are now to that point and need your prayers. This video put together by David Johnson, gives a great overview of the project:
From September 3rd through September 14th, Chris, Brad, and furniture designer/builder Don Charlet will be meeting with potential donors in the cities of Charlotte, Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga, Jackson, Dallas, and the Austin area. They will have several beautiful samples of the work currently being produced in the facility and will give updates on their progress to date.

Please pray that they will raise the needed funds to continue this project.

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