Smith Girl Update

I wanted to share a cute picture and quick update on the girls. Abigail will turn 6 years old September 2nd. We are celebrating with a Kid Talent Show inviting the missionary kids (all 25 of them!) to participate. It should be fun! She completed her first year of home-school learning how to read and has begun her 1st grade curriculum.

At four years old, Adeline has finally mastered the potty after much prayer and over two years of training. We give God the glory (I’m sure many of you can sympathize)! She continues to attend a Montessori preschool, and also spends an hour a day in English phonics with Sandi. She is already reading simple words.

Mary Allen is fourteen months old and is walking after reluctantly giving up her fast paced crawling. She is our best eater yet and makes her dietitian mommy very happy by eating any vegetable or fruit we put in front of her. Sleeping 12 hours a night without waking has also been a treat for us.

We really appreciate all who faithfully pray for our little girls.

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