San Agustin Language Institute Reaches Record Levels

On a very busy corner near the center of Trujillo you can find one of Peru Mission’s most visible ministries, San Agustin Language Institute (SALI). SALI, an English language center, was established only 4 years ago with just 10 students and this year hopes to hit its goal of 300 students. Attracting students of all ages, backgrounds, and levels SALI has continued to grow and develop. This year, SALI has grown significantly both financially and in attendance.

SALI is important to the work of Peru Mission for two main reasons: 1) it positions us to build relationships with Peruvians from all walks of life, especially college students and young professionals, and 2) the English language serves as a tool to help Peruvians financially, academically and in everyday life. In Peru, where international investment and tourism are rapidly growing economic sectors, fluency in English gives our students work opportunities and potentially better paying jobs. We offer scholarships to up to 15 percent of our students, many of whom would otherwise be unable to afford classes. Most of our scholarship students are already active in our churches or working within one of our ministries, and play an important part in our outreach to our unbelieving students.

One such student José Barriga, who has been faithfully working at our chapel in Clementina and taking classes from our Seminary, starting taking English lessons without any previous knowledge. He will graduate this year from SALI not only being able to explain in English how God is working in different communities, but he now has access to the vast amount of Christian literature that is not yet available in Spanish.

At SALI we provide what we believe to be the best language training in the city while providing a Christian atmosphere of grace and love. We currently have 7 American volunteers teaching English. We also provide jobs for 7 national teachers and 7 other part-time and full time Peruvian employees. We are able to pay them competitive rates and they receive valuable training and experience; all of which are hard to find in a country that struggles with high unemployment levels.

God has blessed SALI over the past few years and we are very excited to see what the future holds. Since SALI is a profitable business we are hoping this revenue will flow back into the community by supporting ministries that aren’t self sustaining such as our medical ministry. SALI has the potential to grow not only to new branches in Trujillo, but also to other cities.

Please pray the Lord will continue to provide American volunteers that we need as teachers on into the future.

Please pray that SALI would receive government certification as a formal educational institute which would exempt us from a 19% sales tax.

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