SALI Coffee House

As God calls the church to missions by “declaring His glory among the nations” (Psalm 96:2), He also calls us to go forth singing. Psalm 96 begins with a trifold command to sing to the Lord. Three times! This means that music and song are at the forefront of missionary endeavors.

The Peruvian churches are in great need of musicians, singers, and composers. As I (Allen) have labored and prayed about the strategy of our music development efforts, the thought has frequently come to mind, “If only we had more musicians!” Just a few talented, humble, Christians musicians who would be a steroid shot in the arm!

SO, this Thursday evening, I am joining with our English Institute “SALI” to close out the winter semester with a bang! We are using a Coffee House venue to attract non-Christian musicians to come and play. It is our hope that God would use this event as a pre-evangelism tool to befriend new networks of musicians.

Please pray that God would connect us to non-Christian musicians, with whom we can befriend and share the Gospel and eventually join the church.

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