Getting Ready for "Fiestas Patrias"

Yesterday, to the delight of our girls, we hung our Peruvian flag. You will see most Peruvian homes, businesses and institutes proudly displaying their flag the month of July in anticipation of “Fiestas Patrias”. Most Peruvians believe it is obligatory and they will be fined by the government if they are without a flag on their home.

The “Fiestas Patrias” or Peruvian National Holidays are celebrations of Peru’s independence from the Spanish Empire. Fiestas Patrias consists of two days. July 28th commemorates Peru’s independence from Spain won by Jose de San Martin and July 29th is a day to honor the armed forces and national Police of Peru. All schools receive a 2-3 week vacation and there are lots of festivities and parades. This is the most important holiday to most Peruvians, being even a larger celebration than Christmas.

One thought on “Getting Ready for "Fiestas Patrias"

  1. Starbucks news was very exciting. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I understand for those who are, this is BIG news!!I cannot believe that the Fiestas Patrias is bigger than Christmas. I couldn’t get over how January 10 people where still celebrating Christmas full force when I was in Peru earlier this year. If it is bigger than that!. . . it is saying something. Enjoy the celebrations!

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