Saying goodbye to the Baker Family

The end of May we sadly said goodbye to the Baker family. After their second term in Peru, they are headed back to the U.S. for a year of Home Mission Assignment and also to get their oldest child, Lauren, settled in college. Please pray for their year in the U.S. and for Lauren as she transitions not only to U.S. culture, but also begins college.

Below is a picture from the Baker’s farewell party. As a “gift” to the Baker family, Allen wrote and played a song “We’re Goin’ Miss the Bakers”. I (Sandi) accompanied Allen by playing the harmonica, rain stick and shaker (yes, this was my very first performance with all three of these instruments). I will be uploading the Mp3 of the sound soon, so stay tuned. . .
Abbie and Adeline with the youngest Bakers, Millie and Olivia, whom they will miss dearly.

2 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to the Baker Family

  1. Ahem…where’s the video? If Grace posted the video, and Allen posted the video, and I posted the video, then surely you should post the video. Don’t you think???

  2. You know Heather, sadly but truthfully, it is out of pride I didn’t post the video. The best parts of the sound are not captured in the video clip. I am going to get Allen to upload the Mp3 of the sound so it can be heard in full 🙂

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