Recording Muyupampa

We wanted to update you on Allen’s work with music development. The following excerpt, taken from our Peru Mission web page, demonstrates the impact the Gospel has on the music of a culture.

“Music is a universal phenomenon, but not a universal language. How we respond to music is learned in our homes and cultures. One of the signs that the Gospel is reaching the heart of a people is when they begin to compose their own music within their own musical forms. One of the music forms in Peru is musica folklorica (folk music). It is the mountain music from the majestic Andes and has some of the most distinctive instruments and melodic styles.

In north Peru many young adults migrated to the coastal city of Trujillo to study at the university. Many come from the jungle city of Moyobama, where resides the largest presbyterian church in Peru (around 800 members). These Moyobambinos have brought with them their love for the Gosple and Peruvian folk music. Several of them have formed a group called “Muyupampa,” which is made up the two words muyu (“whirlpool or eddy”) and pampa (“pasture”). When the two are combined it communicates “stirring up the calm.”

In March 2008, Muyupampa recorded some live sample tracks. The band’s instrumentation made up with the following: panpipes (zamponas/sikus), flutes (quenas and tarkas), drum (bombo), a rattle made from sheep hooves (chaj’cha), a charango (a European influenced chordophone with resonator of wood or armadillo shell) and a classical guitar with nylon strings. Many of their songs com from the Evangelical Peruvian folklore group, Kerygma Canta. The majority of the musicians are now leading the music at the Larco congregation.”

Here are their demos. We hope you enjoy!

1. Salmo 47
2. Salmo 8
3. Mi Pastor
4. Cristo es Dios
5. La Vida Misionera
6. Arbolito

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